Rental Equipment

Helium Tanks

*All helium tanks include a standard valve in the rental price

20cf fills 15-25 12” latex

55cf fills 70-90 12” latex

122cf fills 175-200 12’ latex

218cf fills 300-350 12”latex

Balloon Valve

Tri Nozzle Valve


Long Tables

6’ Banquet Table (seats 6-8 people)

8’ Banquet Table (seats 8-10 people)

8’ Adjustable Children’s Table

Card Table (seats 4 people)

6’ Bar (incl. 6’table & white skirting)

Round Tables

36” Rd. Table

48” Rd. Table

60” Rd. Table

24” Rd. Cocktail Table (42”tall)

Umbrella (for use in round tables only)

7’ White Umbrella


Mahogany Resin Chair

Bronze Metal Folding Chair

White Plastic Folding Chair

White Resin FoldingChair


*polyester or linen*

Banquet Linen

8’Banquet (fits a 6’table to the lap)

10’ Banquet (fits an 8’table to the lap)

6’ Table Drape  (fits a 6’table to the floor)

8’ Table Drape  (fits an 8’table to the floor)

Round Linen

72” Rd. (fits a 48”rd table to the lap)

90” Rd. (fits a 60”rd table to the lap)

108” Rd. Drape (fits a 72”rd to the lap)

120” Rd. Drape (fits a 60” rd to the lap)

24” Rd. Cocktail Table (42”tall)

Garden Cut (hole in center of round linen only)


54” Square

72” Square


11’ Skirting (for a 6’table, includes 12 clips)

13.5’ Skirting (for an 8’ table, includes 14 clips)


1’x10’ Table Runner

Napkin 20”sq.


Chair Cover

* 1 week cancellation is required for all linen orders



White Metal

White Wood Trellis


5 Gal. Fountain

7 Gal. Fountain


White Double Ring Unity/ Trinity

White Unity/ Trinity

White 7 Candle

Brass 9 Candle

Drip-less Candle

White Candle Snuffer

Money Tree

Large Natural

Large White


30” Tall

40” Tall

Plant Urn

Lattice Screen

6x6’ Accordion Screen

6x8’ Accordion Screen


Wicker Flower Basket

White Metal Stanchion

Wine Barrels

Folding Register Stand (white)

Podium Guest Stand (white)

Kneeling Bench (white)

Serving Equipment

Drink Containers

3 Gal. Silver

5 Gal. Silver


3 Gal. Glass Beverage Dispenser

Chaffing Dish

7qt. Stainless Steel (incl. 2 sterno)

Additional Full Pan

Additional Half Pan

Additional Third Pan

Coffee Maker  

42 Cup

100 Cup

Dance Floor

*Set up included. Delivery/ Pick up varies upon location

12x12’ (12 couples)

12x16’ (20 couples)

16x16’ (30 couples)

16x20’ (35 couples)

20x20’ (40 couples)

24x24’ (57 couples)


*Assembly and disassembly included. Delivery/Pick up varies upon location.

10x10’ EZ-up

Peak Top






Sidewalls (peak top only; per linear foot)

Concession Machines

Cotton Candy Machine

2-Ribbon Cotton Candy Machine

Hot Dog Rotisserie

Sno-Cone Machine

Popcorn Machine


Tiki Large

Tiki Medium (36” tall)

Tiki Small (24” tall)

Ticket Drum

Quartz Light 500 watt

Umbrella Heater (8’tall, includes propane with a 12-15’radius)

Small Space Heater (for semi enclosed area)

Plastic Tub

12” Disco Ball with Light

Strobe Light





Request tables and chairs for your event from The Party Shoppe, a party supplies store in Yucaipa, California.